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Wintertime favorite: Velvet

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Velvet has a long standing reputation for being both a functional and fashionable fabric for dresses, shirts, costume clothing garments, pants and coats. Once made for royalty only, this elegant fabric is made with a double action loom of various fabrics including silk, acetate, cotton, nylon, rayon or wool that are interwoven in their own unique pairing.

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adminWintertime favorite: Velvet

Winter Garment Preparation and Care

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Winter is one of the best times to enjoy outdoor activities in Bend, Oregon. Hailed as a hot spot for winter fun and sporting activities, this Central Oregon city offers some of the best locations for skiing, snowboarding, dog sledding, snow shoeing and so much more. With all of the fun you’ll have this winter it is important to take your wardrobe into special consideration to dress for each and every occasion.

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adminWinter Garment Preparation and Care