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Fun and Fashionable Fall Events to Attend in Bend

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Bend, Oregon is known as the recreation capital in Central Oregon with perfect seasonal weather. Those who hear about or have visited Bend know a lot about summer kayaking and winter snowboarding, but what about the fall? Is Bend truly THE PLACE for fun and exciting activities for you and your family year round? The answer is simply, YES. Not only are there activities fit for the impending chill down, but you and your family can enjoy a multitude of outdoor activities any day of the week. Did you prep your fall coats and clothes during the summer? Great. Now dust off your wool coat that has been hanging on a cedar hanger all summer long, put on a great pair of fall boots and waltz out the door looking good, feeling good and ready to kick off fall with a fashionable bang.

Looking for a great way to kick off the first Friday of November? Downtown Bend hosts their First Friday Art Walk every first Friday of the month. Businesses open their doors during later than usual times to accommodate visitors who want to sit back and relax with a glass of wine before walking the lit streets of Downtown enjoying local art, performers and live music. If you happen to miss First Friday, fear not! Downtown hosts the popular Antique & Artisan show in the middle of November where local artists and artisans show off their newest products for purchase.

Also happening in early November is the Downtown Culinary Walk, a special event showcasing some of the best coffee shops, bakeries and restaurants the Northwest has to offer. Cozy up with a warm latte with other coffee lovers who unite over Karen Eland’s Sip and Dip at Sparrow Bakery where you and your friends will sip some of the best brewed coffee in Bend while creating an artistic masterpiece made out of the stuff.

If food and wine doesn’t grab you by the boot straps you can rest assured that Bend still hosts outdoor activities that are just as fun in the fall as they are in the summer. If you are looking to go on an adventure and explore the depths of Bend’s natural beauty take your family to the lava tube cave tours, an interactive experience for the entire family where a guide walks you through an adventure you won’t forget. Headlamps, heavy boots and natural beauty await your next below the surface exploration. If caves give you the creeps, there are plenty of tours with local farms and ranches perfect for the fall season and your flannel. This farm and ranch tour offers great food and beverages for ranch-goers while educating on the importance of growing and eating local, sustainable food.

Of course the list of fall activities wouldn’t be complete without some kind of outdoor sporting activity for residents and visitors who have the runner’s itch. The annual Bend Thanksgiving Classic is an opportunity to use your running shoes on snow-free turf and getting one last work out in before turkey, cranberry sauce and stuffing become the staple of your fall and winter diet.

Without fail Bend continues to be a center point for outdoor seasonal fun. Whether you are looking to explore lava caves or relax and listen to live music there truly is something for everyone in this beautiful city. When the time is right get out your winter clothes, suit up and enjoy all that Bend has to offer in fall.

adminFun and Fashionable Fall Events to Attend in Bend

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