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Winter Garment Preparation and Care

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Winter is one of the best times to enjoy outdoor activities in Bend, Oregon. Hailed as a hot spot for winter fun and sporting activities, this Central Oregon city offers some of the best locations for skiing, snowboarding, dog sledding, snow shoeing and so much more. With all of the fun you’ll have this winter it is important to take your wardrobe into special consideration to dress for each and every occasion.

Winter coats are one of the best investments you’ll make during the chilly season. Knowing and understanding the fabric that will suit your needs best is almost as important as properly caring for your fashion forward investment. Wool, down, leather, suede and fleece are the most popular fabrics for winter and require special individual preparation.

  • Wool: Wool is a highly insulated fabric that will keep you warm in the chilliest temperatures. It is important to keep wool in consistent high quality condition by storing your coat on cedar hangers to deter moths from eating the fabric or line them with a protective cover to keep dirt, hair, dust and other particles off the surface. When you pull the coat out and it has particles attached simply take a lint roller, wool brush or a clothes shaver to keep your coat in top notch condition.
  • Down: Warm, fluffy and perfect for winter, down provides winter dwellers with warmth and comfort all season round. Just like wool, down takes special care to keep it in the best shape possible. To best care for your down follow the washing instructions on your coat step by step. It is crucial to dry on a low tumble setting to ensure the down is not compromised by excessive heat.
  • Leather/suede: Leather and suede are special fabrics that almost always need to be professionally cleaned in order to keep the fabrics properly maintained. Storing your coats in a dry place on the off season covered is recommended and you can always use a leather conditioner to keep the fabric looking as good as you did when you first purchased it.
  • Fleece: This fabric is the easiest to clean in the bunch. Simply follow instructions, wash with like colors or like fabrics and wear it all season long!

Before winter comes take out your jackets, inspect their quality, try them on and go from there. If you have any concerns or want to have your garments professionally cleaned or inspected contact us to care for your winter gear!

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