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Wintertime favorite: Velvet

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Velvet has a long standing reputation for being both a functional and fashionable fabric for dresses, shirts, costume clothing garments, pants and coats. Once made for royalty only, this elegant fabric is made with a double action loom of various fabrics including silk, acetate, cotton, nylon, rayon or wool that are interwoven in their own unique pairing.

With fashion in mind, the multitude of fabrics used to weave velvet makes for fashion forward garments that have recently been making a comeback with designers like Rachel Zoe and Dolce and Gabbana in their runway shows and on the show floor. Designers of high caliber utilize velvet for dresses, track suits, capes, blazers, overcoats, shirts and even one piece suits displaying the fabric for its unique color and texture that has men and women itching for their own velvet coated garment.

There is a certain winter practicality to velvet as well. Velvet is made with a double action loom that makes it versatile and well-suited for chilly winter months.  The double thickness of the material is then cut short and densely packed leaving minimal room for heat to escape. This method of manufacturing makes it is not uncommon to see many winter goers with a velvet jacket or velvet collar to stay warm.

Like many winter fabrics velvet requires special care in its storage, daily use and wash routine. One of the most important aspects of fabric care to remember is to follow the washing instructions step by step. Most of the time this requires the care of a professional dry cleaner, but there are preventative care measures you can take to keep your velvet looking as good as you did when you initially purchased the garment.

  • Moisture, heat and heavy pressure can crush velvet. It is important to remember this when handling your velvet clothes especially when storing after the winter months have passed.
  • When storing your velvet hang instead of fold to avoid the fabric being crushed by other garments.
  • Never iron velvet! Instead, hang and steam with care.
  • Do not blot out stains or water, this will crush velvet. Try and brush off as much as you can upon contact.

Velvet is both temperamental to clean and beautiful to wear. If you are unsure as to how you should treat aged or stained velvet ask us for help on how to proceed.

adminWintertime favorite: Velvet

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